Do you only shoot local weddings?
No way!! I adore my stomping grounds, but I love to travel. So far, I have shot weddings all along the eastern coast — but, I am ready to pack my bags and go any and everywhere!

Do you edit all of the images you give?
Absolutely. Every single image that ends up in your possession is edited personally by me.

How many photos should I expect?
With standard one-hour sessions, you can expect 50-100 images. For 7 hour wedding days, 350-600 depending on how you prioritize coverage. However, I do not cap images at a specific number. Any and all images that I deem correct on a visual and technical scale are handed over to my clients.

What do I expect after you shoot my wedding?
The editing and packaging process typically takes 4-8 weeks depending on the time of year. You can expect to receive a USB flash drive, a digital copyright release for universal printing, and prints depending on the package you select. You can also expect a custom form if you selected a package with an album. I hand package and include a gift for clients as well.

None of your listed packages seem to fit exactly what I need. Can I make a custom one?
Yes! I am always happy to try and make a package fit my client’s needs. As long as the package totals up more than my basic package pricing, we can always make it work.

Are there hidden costs I will find out about later?
Absolutely not. The price detailed in your contract is your final price. That buys the photos, rights, and any additional items agreed upon during signing.

How far in advance should I book you?
The sooner the better. Most clients book me at least a year in advance, though some get lucky and squeeze in after that. I tend to fill up fast, and I can only do soft holds for very brief periods of time.

Do you only shoot weddings?
While weddings are my true bread and butter, I also often do engagements, bridal portraits, and boudoir packages for my wedding clients. I have been known to take on a few family and senior sessions a year for clients who are looking for something unconventional. However, my style is best suited towards romantic subject matter.

I love your work, but I don’t know you. Do you have any reviews?
You can find client testimonials here. Feel free to leave me one if we end up working together!

I am ready to book you. What’s next!?
I prefer to meet potential clients in person, even if it is just a quick convo over a cup of coffee. I understand that some clients live out of state or may be interested in destination weddings. In those situations, a phone call or Skype would be a great step. The more personal, the better to be certain we are a great match. If we meet and love each other, you will then have a soft hold of 2 weeks to sign a contract and pay a 33% retainer to hold your wedding date.

Feel free to drop me a line at meguphotography@gmail.com if you feel like you still have unanswered questions!