Pinhole Nostalgia

January 23, 2014 Side Projects

Instead of cleaning my house — like I probably should have been doing — I got bored and wanted to take pictures of something pretty. I often see people who do really elaborate photographs of ink in liquids, usually isolated with a clean background. I wasn’t really sure what I expected or had in mind, so I took several pictures of blue food coloring in some water, to see what it would do. When I went to process, I thought they were really ugly… the blue didn’t sit well with me at ALL.


Before I deleted the images as a lost cause, I tried a B&W filter. And as sometimes with the magic of black and white, I ended up really liking what I made. It reminded me of in college when we would play with pinhole and holga cameras, taking time lapsed photos and hoping for the best. I left the water lines and made no attempts to clean them up because I liked the textures and the scratches on the glass. Anyway, this is the product of boredom and a lack of motivation to be a grown up today.


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